Quick Residence Permit Update

On Tuesday morning, I picked up my medical certificate from SEDES and then popped into Interpol to see if my certificate from them was ready but it wasn’t. The woman told me she would call me when it was ready.

Tuesday afternoon, my colleague, Silvia and I set off for Presto (but I am going to write more about the trip in a separate post).

On Thursday morning, while we were visiting the primary school in Presto to promote the municipal library there, my phone rang and it was the woman from Interpol saying my certificate was ready. We got back to Sucre too late that night for me to pick it up so I picked it up first thing Friday morning after a stop at a photocopy shop where I got two copies of each of my assorted documents for migration. I had to make a photocopy of it for Interpol while the woman held on to my passport. I had three copies made – one for her and two for migration. My next stop was the migration office to find out if I had everything. The man was encouraging about my paperwork and the timing (the visa I used to enter Bolivia expires next Saturday). He told me to get two copies of my passport and to get the two documents from BiblioWorks notarized and then to come back on Monday (or possibly any day next week, I didn’t quite catch what he said but I confirmed that I could come on Monday). The photocopies were easy. There didn’t seem to a be a notary on the corner the migration official said there would be but I found another nearby. The notary said because the documents were signed by Maritza (the director of BiblioWorks) she needed to be present as well. I went back to the office and let her know. She said we could go to her notary in the afternoon at 3 pm. We did but the notary didn’t show up until 4 pm. She said she couldn’t “legalize” the documents because she didn’t write them but she did do some acknowledgement of our signatures on my contract that involved signing each page and putting a thumb print in various places. (My thumb is still blue around the edges despite multiple scrubbings.) She told me to ask the migration officer for an example of what is needed on the other document. So on Monday I will head back to the migration office and find out where things stand.

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