PYP Exhibition Launch

Nearly two weeks ago, we launched this year’s PYP exhibition at BIFS. We chose to follow a very successful model that was created last year. All of elementary was off timetable for the morning to permit the specialist teachers to work only with grade 5. We began the day in our school hall where after a welcome and briefing from our PYP coordinator, students were informed of the members of the groups they will be working with during the exhibition. As soon as the groups were formed, students then rotated to stations throughout the school run by specialist teachers and administrators. At each station, they explored an aspect of the Approaches to Learning (previously known as the Transdisciplinary Skills).

At my station in the library, students brainstormed sources of information they thought would be useful for the research.

Both this year and last year, it helped the groups to bond and allowed the teachers to discover which students were grouped together and to observe how the groups of students worked together.

The morning took planning and time but it was a valuable experience for all.

We are a small school. Last year we had 8 groups for the exhibition and this year we have 7. At my previous school, we had close to 30 exhibition groups but I think with some creative planning, this activity could be scaled to be used by schools with larger cohorts as well.

This document outlines the logistics and has more detailed information. 17/18 PYP Exhibition Kick Off (Shout out to Leda Cedo for all her hard work last year! It certainly made it easier this year.)

Now to guide the students through their PYP Exhibition journey which will culminate on April 26, 2018!


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    • Thanks for reading. I only blogged one other time during the PYP exhibition last year and not at all this year. Maybe next year…

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