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I have been in Bolivia for nearly two months and it is already time to start looking at options for my next step. I am still planning to volunteer with BiblioWorks until May or June but the international school recruitment cycle is such that jobs for August/September 2016 are starting to be posted. It seems too soon!

I have signed up with Search Associates. They hold quite a few international teaching job fairs around the world but at this point I have decided not to register for a fair. Instead I am keeping my eye on the jobs posted on in their database and will be contacting schools about them directly. I have already spotted a few positions that have peaked my interest enough to reach out to people I know who have or who are currently teaching at those schools. This is time when I am grateful for my vast web of connections!

As of now the majority of library positions I have seen are in Asia (many in China). Going back to Asia has its appeal and so is going to a school that is keen to recruit early in order to increase its chances of a large pool of candidates. However I am also curious about what other positions might be posted over the next few months. It is tricky to know when to bite as many schools will fill their positions when the right candidate comes along so I don’t want to wait too long if a position interests me. I think my strategy is going to be to make contact with schools as they post positions and then see what unfolds. As with any job search, applying does not necessarily result in a job offer (or even an interview…) I have been very lucky during my teaching career and I can only think of one position for which that I interviewed and did not get (and I got another job offer within the same school board later that day). Perhaps this is the year that all changes.

Wish me luck! (Though if I don’t find a job, I could just travel for a year…)


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