Wet wipes, Peanut Butter and Coca Cola


Yep. I’m getting ready for another trip to visit a library!

Tomorrow morning I have to call a cab at 5:15 am and then take it to meet Roxana at  the “primer puente al ir al aeropuerto” (the first bridge to get to the airport). Apparently the taxi driver will know it. There we are to be picked up by a teacher going to Maragua.

We will spend the day there in the library. (I think we have a meeting and a planning session with the librarian.) We sleeping in a place with “cabañas” (cabins) but there might be extra people in with us. When I was asked I was told there is no shower and that if I wanted to bring my sleeping sheet it might be a good idea. Sounds rustic.

Wednesday morning, we will get up early and walk for about three hours to get to the point where we can catch a lift back to Sucre.

Oh and there is no where to buy water or food in the village so I have to pack water as well as lunch, dinner and breakfast.

Bring on the adventure!

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