Ten Years Overseas

Me, Cathy, Malcolm, Lizzie and Sue

Farewell dinner in Ottawa, January 2006

Saying goodbye at the Ottawa Airport, 13 January 2006

Saying goodbye at the Ottawa Airport, 13 January 2006


10 years

4 countries on 4 different continents

2 paying jobs

2 volunteer positions

Too many flights to count

In January 2006, Facebook was not yet open to the public, YouTube was less than a year old, Twitter hadn’t been founded, iPhones hadn’t been released yet. Skype existed but computers didn’t have built in webcams. It wasn’t the dark ages but it was sure different from the always connectedness of today.

Before I moved to Singapore, I had lived in and/or visited 15 countries. I have now up to 51 and I have been back to about half of the original 15. I now have friends in many countries and on all continents except Antarctica (at least as far as I know…)

I have met lots of people, seen many places, eaten some weird things, and made many memories. I have had amazing times with friends new and old.

I have missed some weddings, several funerals, and it has taken me awhile to meet some  babies that were born.

Long plane journeys have become commonplace (and long bus journeys may soon be as well).

I have learned and forgotten words and expressions in many languages.

It has gotten easier to keep in contact with faraway friends and family but it is never quite the same as spending time in each other’s presence.

I wonder what the next 10 years will bring…

5 thoughts on “Ten Years Overseas

  1. That’s a pretty good set of experiences right there. And a great synopsis of the changes over the past 10 years. I hope the next 10 years are equally productive and fun filled for you.

  2. Hi Megan

    It was great meeting you on twitter and then meeting you face2face in and around Switzerland, afterwards.

    Then, we met in Calgary. It felt a bit surreal to see you in my old “hometown” which seems so disconnected from the international community that I usually live in. You’ve introduced me to some new people in Calgary (Leanne).

    It goes to show that we really live in a globalized world, separated by only a few degrees.

    I am glad to have met you and to have had your support. The great thing with our connected world is that we can live vicariously around the world through our friends experiences.

    I wish you a rewarding and fulfilling next 10 years and beyond…

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